alpha demo + the name of the game

alpha demo + the name of the game


I’ve made a bunch of progress on the roguelike game I’m making and I’m excited to announce the name I’ve chosen…

Gildebeest Hunter

In this turn-based roguelike, you’ll strategically battle beasts to acquire new weapons, armor, and items to help you take on more perilous foes.


I finished a first good pass at enemy AI for the first 3 enemies, which has given me some confidence to put together an alpha demo. I still don’t know if this idea has promise, so I’d love to get some feedback on the initial combat system before I plan out the rest of the game.

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What else?

I’m planning on doing a main blog post on this topic, but I wanted to get some initial thoughts into the ether.

Finding the Fun

At the beginning of April, I have myself 2 weeks to ‘find the fun’ in this game or shelve it for a new project. Here in mid-May, I think I have something fun, but it’s taken way longer than two weeks.

My time is valuable, and somewhat scarce. Over ~45 days, I worked on 20 of them averaging a little over an hour per day. Some days were half an hour and some were 2. Nothing even close to full or half days of gamedev focus are available to me.

Bar Graph of time spent per day on development

The image above is time in hours per day spent in development. Red is development, blue is planning, green is blogging.

This past week, I took a focus on my health and chose to sleep through my ‘normal’ gamedev time.

Moving ahead, I’m expecting this demo to take longer to build than I want, but I’m really looking forward to hearing your feedback on it!

Thank’s for reading to the end. Here’s a bonus gif of a raging frog, for morale!

the hero attacks the enemy, sending it into a rage where it eventually explodes!