This is the portfolio and blog of the game developer nuzcraft.


About Me

Hello, my name is Nuzcraft and I am a game developer.

I started learning how to program in 2015, and since then I've been slowly learning game development. I started with roguelike python tutorials. I really like how procedural and randomized traditional roguelikes are paired with minimal graphic needs, and those tutorials served as a fun way for me to gain some programming skills.

In 2020, I finished and published my first game: There are SLIMES in this DUNGEON for the 2020 7DRL (7 day roguelike challenge). I continued to dabble afterwards, but didn't spend much time or effort on real game development until 2022.

In late 2022, on a whim, I joined another game jam, making a simple surviors-like called Wizard Couple Survivors and had a blast. From there, I really started digging into game development. I joined the Game Dev Field Guide community and started using Godot. Througout 2022 and 2023, I've been joining game jams and working on personal projects (private and published). I've started work on an untitled game that I intend to polish up and release on Steam.

You can reach me on most any of my socials, but I'm most active on Mastodon. Thanks for stopping by!

Latest videos on YouTube: